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Back to Therapy

Well I’m back in physical therapy, and maybe even occupational therapy, too. 2 years post-stroke. My new neurologist is pretty amazing. He did a whole physical evaluation, you know where they press your arm and you have to resist, etc. Strength tests, I guess you’d call them. I’m pretty strong in most places. The needle pricking test was interesting. There’s still a lot of areas on my right side that are numb! I didn’t even know. I knew certain parts of my face were numb, but I had no idea that my arm and leg have numb spots, too! The bad part is my upper back. Not numb, it just doesn’t move very well on the right side. It’s because it was paralyzed for so long, it’s just very weak. My scapula is kind of frozen. The Dr was amazed at my range of motion, but I have no strength to hold the positions. There’s so much atrophy on the right side of my upper back. I guess that’s why I feel like I can’t hold my head up! He is afraid that it will just get worse. So the Dr put me back in intense therapy twice a week. It’s with different a therapist than I had before. Nothing against my other therapists, he just wanted me at the facility that he is used to sending people.
I enjoy therapy! Yes, it’s hard and tiring, but it’s really fun! She’s finding all sorts of things that I need to work on. I find myself saying a lot, “Oh my gosh, I had no idea that I couldn’t do that”! Haha! Putting one foot in front of the other heel to toe, closing my eyes and touching my nose, touching each finger to the thumb, I fail them all! Haha! Good thing I don’t really drink too much, and never drive after!! She’s also found that my abs don’t work on my right side, and I have no feeling there, either. She stretched out my right side, and I felt a pull in my hip and my armpit, but not my side! Interesting! So I need to be careful when doing stretches.
She gives me fun exercises to do at home. And I do them several times a day!! I can do them while I’m outside with the dog, in the shower, in bed, or watching TV. I told her that I was able to do the hula-hoop last week at a family party. She was shocked! We laughed, because she said that she hasn’t been able to hula-hoop since she was 13 yes old! Katie and I did it a lot through the years, so I knew I could, and I did! My therapist told me to go buy a hula-hoop and do that at home too! So I will, and that will be fun, too!
Next week I have an evaluation with the occupational therapist. They want me to go to get help with my fine motor skills. She can also help with the scapula issues. I hope to get help with my writing, too.
The neurologist referred me to a specialist at Stanford Hospital, who he thinks is going to know my blood pressure problem, and maybe why I had the stroke. That appointment is in a few weeks. Should be interesting. I’m very thankful for all of the good doctors that I’ve had. And all of the good therapists, too! Life is good!