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My life is in perspective and positive

When I experienced having a stroke, that moment changed my life forever! Initially, every moment was spent on survival. Even though I wasn’t consciously thinking that, reflecting back I realize that I was in survival mode. I know that I had a choice to live or die, but I can’t recall the moment that it happened or the details to that experience. Later on, improving my condition became my focus.
I have always had the ability to find the good in the bad, and to always see the bright side of things. I believe that being positive is the key to making possibilities happen, when the odds are against you. I also believe that not knowing how bad the outlook is, is a good thing. I also am thankful that I never had any doctor, nurse, therapist, family member, or friend, tell me that anything with my recovery would be impossible. It seemed as though I was surrounded by positive people! I never knew, until much later, that the odds were against me! I always knew that I’d improve! I knew it!! There was no doubt, because I didn’t know to have doubt. I beat the odds!!
My life was instantly put in perspective the moment that the stroke happened. I am always aware of what is important in life now. That feeling doesn’t go away. Not that I wasn’t aware of that before the stroke, but now it’s the focus of my thinking and actions. There’s no other way to be, as far as I’m concerned. There’s no “sweating the small stuff”. If something can’t be done with love, then it shouldn’t happen. Life is about love and happiness. Yes, I can still get mad or frustrated, but I quickly let it go. It is not worth it to have stress, because stress affects the body and health. We are in control of ourselves. I won’t do anything to jeopardize my health, or anyone else’s health.
I view my life now as a gift. I want to help other stroke survivors, and people who need a touch of positive in their life when faced with a long recovery. As my strength and stamina continue to improve, my thoughts are shifting into helping others, and how to go about doing that on any scale. Getting back on my blog is a start.
My husband is my rock, and he is amazing! He has helped me most with my recovery, because he has been there almost 24/7, and knows what it takes to do life now. My kids keep me humble and laughing all the time, and they are always on my mind. They are so positive and happy, and I appreciate their fun personalities. My family and friends give me strength to keep pushing forward.
I have a deep sense of calm, and I look forward to my future and old age. I will do it one day at a time, with a smile!