Three Years Post Stroke

On March 14, 2014, I will celebrate 3 years of surviving a hemorrhagic stroke! Not a day has gone by without me thinking how lucky I am, and I’m so thankful!! Having a stroke has changed my life! I’ve said before how my life was instantly put into perspective. There’s no sweating the small stuff anymore. I’m OK with that! It’s all good!
My biggest challenge is endurance and strength. I can physically do most things, but maybe only for a second, minute, or an hour on a good day. My back and arm are so weak that they just give out. Having blood pressure issues on top of that, makes doing things a challenge. So I tend to look at my daily tasks as therapy. It’s all therapy!
Last year I did outpatient occupational and physical therapy for 3 months. I learned a lot, and I try to apply what I learned in my everyday life. I keep trying to stimulate my brain in all different ways. The bleed from the stroke destroyed that part of the brain.  So everything I do on my right side is a new pathway that was created in order to do that function.
My physical therapist had me doing a few yoga poses, but they were a little too hard for me. She wanted me to work on it. So I am going to try yoga again on the Wii. That will be worth some laughs!! Haha!
My husband received an invitation to a corporate event through the American Heart Association/ American Stroke Association. When he replied by phone to reserve his seat, they wanted to know what his connection is to them. So he told them about me and my stroke. Now they want us to speak about it to a group of people, and tell my story. How many people? I don’t know, and I don’t want to know! Haha! I am excited to do it, but nervous to speak to a crowd. Bryan has no problem speaking, and he will be talking the most. We have two events this month. Then there’s an event in Sacramento on September 18th and 21st that will be yoga, and a walk. I just found out that I’ll be demonstrating yoga! I really better get on that Wii now! Haha! I hope to see my friends and family there!
Once again I’d like to thank Bryan for being my amazing husband and caregiver. I have come this far because you have helped me, and you believe in me! You’ve been there for every step of this journey, and I appreciate everything you do! I love you so much!! I’d also like to thank my kids for being my inspiration every day, and for all the laughter! You both are just the best kids ever!! I love you both more than anything!! My mom and dad are also my strength. They have also done this journey and give me inspiration all the time. I love you both for everything! You’re the best! To the rest of my family, Bryan’s family, my relatives, and friends, I sincerely thank you for your caring ways, prayers, inspiration, laughs, love, and for playing computer games with me! I am eternally grateful, and I love you all!


6 thoughts on “Three Years Post Stroke

  1. Jan, dear niece, I want to be just like you when I grow up! You have the best attitude, and a perspective on life that is enviable! Your stroke without a doubt changed your life, but you have always had the positivity. .. it’s just been sharpened. You’re the best! And you married a man who’s one in a million. God has indeed blessed you, and us that you’re in our family!

  2. Well my dear friend once again, give you a lemon and you make cake! It has been my pleasure and inspiration to walk this walk alongside you even though I am so far away. Your love of all things and attitude shines a lite so bright heaven is lite up. Keep up the the fight! I look forward to many more exciting things as you continue on your path.
    Love and prayers are with you and your family always!

  3. Jan, Congratulations on your success in getting your health back. Amazing when going through difficult times we tend to not sweat the small things that would normally bother us. Continue growing spiritually, physically and mentally. Take care Marisa (Your favorite cousin)

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